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Volcano Vaporizer Review
For most herbal connoisseurs, the Volcano Vaporizer has always been the gold standard and best in class in the vaporizer world.
The product of precision engineering and assembled by hand in Storz & Bickel’s factory in Germany, the stainless steel Volcano offers the best vaporizing experience of of any unit this monster has ever tried. The Volcano is very popular with people who have a high tolerance, and there’s a very good reason…it doesn’t mess around when it comes to vaporizing.
Anyone that says a vaporizer doesn’t get you as medicated as a traditional water pipe hasn’t tried the Volcano.  You can obviously control the size of the bag and how much vapor you inhale, but folks, the sky’s the limit.
On top of that, the sexy vapor comes out of an elegant looking machine that I leave on display in my living room on the spaceship.
Cleaner and healthier than cigarettes, bongs, joints or other water pipes, the Volcano Vaporizer makes the process of getting medicated as easy and relaxed as the high itself.

Ease of Use: Volcano Vaporizer is super easy to use

First, plug in and turn on the volcano so it can heat up.

You grind your plant material with the herb mill provided.
If you get the (most common) easy valve version, an orange valve keeps the vapor secure and the bag tightly connected after loading herb. The easy valve is the easiest and quickest and thus the most common.  Both valves cost the same.
If you get the solid valve (more rugged; requires the occasional cleaning) you fill the bud up, put the press in, and connect the balloon.
Activate the volcano, and the bag begins filling with pure, smooth, strong vapor. You can control the temperature as you wish.
It comes with a pre-made ready-to-go bag, as well as a roll so that you can create your own balloons of any size. Personally I use the default bag size, but you can customize it for any application.
Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Saves Me Money

Because the bag size is adjustable, hits can be as shallow or deep as you like. Unlike with a water pipe, you don’t have to inhale everything right away. If you have a big balloon made, you can take as long as necessary to use it up. It won’t go stale.
Thanks to the Volcano’s one-of-a-kind efficiency, you can save 15% or more in herb when you use the Volcano. Ask anyone who owns one: They’ll all tell you that they save a fortune, especially those who used to smoke blunts or joints and now swear by the Volcano.
The Volcano comes with a three-year warranty, though there are rarely any issues with them and I know people who have owned a Volcano for five years or more. Bags and screens are very cheap, and they’re the only items you’ll ever need to replace down the line.


Price. Some would call the expense a downside, but quality never comes cheap. Is your dream car cheap or expensive?
For me, the major savings in herb costs was the justification for spending some extra money and getting the best vaporizer available. I’ve never regretted it.

The Volcano Digit

There are two versions of the actual unit – the Volcano Classic, and the Volcano Digit.
The Volcano Digit allows you keypad-precise control of the burning temperature, as opposed to the Classic whose dial isn’t as precise. While this is a very cool feature, and the display is also very cool, it’ll cost you $130 more.
If cash is tight, you shouldn’t feel at all bad about opting for the Classic. Both versions contain the same internal components in terms of the heating element and airways, and let’s face it, that’s the important part when you’re inhaling vapor into your body.
And yes, for the record, I myself do own the Volcano Digit. But I’ve tried the Classic many, many times and I love both.

The Bottom Line

If you want the best vaporizer out there, you get the Volcano Vaporizer. Its superiority is virtually unchallenged anywhere in the vaporizer universe. There’s nothing on the market as well designed, constructed, reliable, or effective as the Volcano. Period!
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What is a Vaporizer?

The present vaporizer market could be a little confusing as a collection of models are giving a huge range of features at varying prices; but it is not necessary to be that confusing. You can select the best vaporizer for yourself by knowing which vaporizer suits your personal choices more among the available units.

People have be smoking and chewing on cannabis for addiction or medicinal reasons for at least a millennium. Vaporization which is a new system has turned to be a new way for people to take in the herb. Many traditional tokers desire an earthy joint or a perfectly made glass pipe. Vaporization is absolutely an effective way of consuming cannabis, healthier than smoking and getting loads of converts every time.

If you don’t care much about the health gains, understand that if a fine vaporizer is used rightly then it could increase your pot supply may be double the amount. You can’t disregard the fact that with great herb selling for even more than $400 for a bit in many places, you can’t let it go easily.

Many vaporizer models pay for themselves very soon counting on the level of consumption. Vaporizers let you to get extra ‘high’ per gram of cannabis, through more effective drawing of THC from the sample, and it leaves behind the dirty tars and other by-products obtained from the burning of vegetable matter. Current vaporizer market has exploded with number of designs that are now obtained among a huge range of prices and groups. You should keep in mind that selecting a vaporizer is not as easy as judging what is fine and what bad or even announcing the excellent design.

A huge range of models and technologies, out of which every single model presents its own merits and de-merits, contain the picture of the present vaporizer. One has to remember that the design best suited for a student living in one area would not be the same for a middle age housewife located somewhere else.

Heat variety: Conduction vs. Convection:

As there are a variety of mechanisms and form factors that you have to keep in mind in the present vaporizer market, there are mainly two important technologies that are used by almost all vaporizers; they are Conduction and Convection.

The Conduction model is also known as hot-plate. It works as follows: A sample of the marijuana is kept on an electrified hot-plate. The resin gets vaporized due to the physical contact among the heated-plate and the herb. Even though conduction models are not as effective as convention models, conduction vaporizers are usually cheaper and easier to carry about than the convection models. They also give better resin drawing rates than the movable glass and metal instruments which need physically applied blaze.

What is a Vaporizer?

The convection design is more advanced but is usually an expensive vaporization technology and includes sending a flow of hot air over the sample herb. This results the resinous glands that includes the psychoactive elements to start evaporating and thereby they start releasing their feel-good chemicals in the form of vapor. As convection delivers only resinous substances to the consumer, it is one of the best technologies.

Some of the famous convection designs are Mystifire, Vapezilla, Volatizer VM3, VooDoo, Vapolution, and so on. Convection designs are quite costly but good models can be purchased somewhere under $200.


You can say how effective or efficient a vaporizer is by seeing which vaporizer design obtains THC and other added active cannabinoids from a given herb sample. Ineffective designs would lead to wasted pot and would leave behind partially consumed buds to smoke or cook. Some of the most effective designs are: Super Vapezilla, Vapolution, Vapezilla, Mystifire and Volcano Vaporizer.


Vaporizers such as Vape, Dominizer, VooDoo and Volatizer VM3 have started to give more attention on the design and portability. In recent days depending on which aspect you give importance, you will have to deal with mobility for efficiency or the other way around.

Some times you will notice that the most portable design is the least efficient one. You should remember that this inefficiency is concerned with high-end models. With glossy movable designs like Erbo and Volatizer VM3 coming in market, the future seems to be brilliant for the portable high-end vaporizers.


There is nothing like the ‘top’ vaporizer. Take for example the Mystifire and Volcano which are considered some of the best; they would be a bad choice for a weekend campout. Vapolution, Vape and VooDoo would be a better choice if your campsite has electricity. But in case there is no power then you could think of using Solarizer or Erbo or even think of purchasing 2 hour cell pack for the Vapolution. If you are ready to spend more then you could always think about the lithium battery powered Volatizer VM3 which would cost you around 500 bucks and would give you ultimate satisfaction.

BC Vaporizer would be the better option if you are searching for a cheaper design which would cost you around $99, which is a conduction based design. You have many options with wide variety of prices if you are searching for a high quality convection based design. VooDoo, Volcano, Vapolution, Vapezilla and Mystifire are some of the suggested designs.

You could think of buying Vapolution and VooDoo that are convection designs and they provide great mobility, quite good design and also good extraction rates.


The vaporizer market is in a boom. Even more of efficient and cheaper designs will come in the market in a year or so. The industry would focus more on mobility. More sleek and handy design will come up especially helpful in travel with high quality convection-heating technologies. Conduction designs would slowly begin to vanish from the market as the best convection based designs have been trying to pull down their own price.

Group vapor lounges are becoming more popular in many smoking cafes and compassion clubs where designs such as Volcano, VooDoo and Mystifire are being used. These designs have brought the vaporization world closer.

Finally, to decide as to which the best vaporizer is is totally dependent on the people. It includes the person’s individual preferences, budget and so on. A person can think of spending as less as $40 on a Solarizer, or $99 for a BC Vaporizer or even $500 on a Volatizer VM3. Whatever design you opt, for the present toker, smokeless vaporization is definitely the healthy option.